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Bishop Boards StandUp Paddleboards


StandUp Paddleboards made by Bishop Boards are thoughtfully designed and constructed by owner Todd Bishop.  Todd’s expertise in paddle sports and surfing enabled him to leverage SUP design to a performance art form, following function required by the paddler.  Explore the choices of size, volume, weight, material, color, width, and options and you will feel that you are buying one of the best custom SUP boards made today.



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C4 FeatherCore Crossover 10-10

 A stem-to-stern re-imagining of the 10’0 Classic, the Ten-Thirty has the same slippery, non-stick bottom rocker of the original, and the same adaptability to nearly every type of surf and paddling conditions. The Ten-Thirty is the ‘Swiss Army Knife’ of stand-up boards.


Size: 10' x 30" x 4.25"

Volume: 159L

Fin: 2 + 1 FCS


Weight:Experience Ratio-

Beginner: 195lbs

Intermediate: 220lbs

Expert: 250lbs

C4 FeatherCore Crossover 10-10

A flat bottom rocker and semi-displacement hull sets the foundation for this female friendly SUP. Designed to bring maximum efficiency and easy speed to every stroke. All paddlers will love this board for its drag-free glide, versatility, and portability. The Wahine Cruiser eats up the miles but not your shoulders.


Size:10'10" x 29.75" x 4.75 "

Volume: 192L

Fin: Single


Weight:Experience Ratio-

Beginner: 275lbs

Intermediate: 280lbs

Expert: 325lbs


SUBNINE Forward Vee Batwing 8-6

Recommendations: High-performance surfing. Intermediate to advanced. Rider weight up to 180 lbs


Shaper’s note: While this smaller and more manageable SUP was designed for lighter surfers along with children and women, it features contemporary short board components that make it a front-line preference of the C4 surf team when they want a board for high-performance surfing and/or competition. Under the command of advanced riders, this thin, light, progressive-rocker SUP short board refuses to take nO for an answer.

FeatherCore construction

In-deck hand hold

Inserts for EZ-Straps

Deck pad included

Quad fins included


Size: 8'6" x 28.85" x 4 "

Volume: 118L

Fin: Quad + 1 FCS


Weight:Experience Ratio-

Beginner: 140lbs

Intermediate: 165lbs

Expert: 190lbs




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