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Boardworks SUP

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Boardworks Raven 12’6″

The award winning Raven has been Boardworks most popular model for many reasons. Designed for glide and stability in flat or choppy water, it is the perfect all purpose board for lakes, bays, harbors, and deep docile rivers. Ideal for touring, fitness, and recreational racing. The Raven features beautiful bamboo veneer and Northwest Native American inspired graphics. It comes with a LiftSUP handle for easy portage and tie downs for bringing gear.

A sandwich molded standup paddle board that is light, tight, and very durable. Each Boardworks TEC-V board consists of a dual-density core, (EPS bonded to a veneer outer shell), fiberglass, and the finest epoxy resins. Our construction process results in SUPs with amazing strength to weight ratio. Our boards have a “feel” in the water that paddlers of all abilities will appreciate.

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Height: 12’6
Nose: 13 9/16″
Width: 30 3/16″
Tail: 15 5/8″
Thickness: 6 15/16″
Fins Included: Single Fin
Litres: 290
MSRP: 12’6″ – $1,899

Size and Availability

Novice MAX. 250 LBS.
Intermediate MAX. 275 LBS.
Advanced MAX. 300 LBS.

navigator board


The Navigator is the perfect all around recreational touring board created for paddlers who seek comfort and speed but also need a durable board that can take a little more abuse from rocky shorelines, docks and heavy use.

The increased nose volume creates a stable and efficient platform, keeping you moving swiftly through most conditions. Two-large storage bungee tie downs both forward and aft of the board, allow for ample secure storage space for all your touring gear. The Navigator is the ultimate sporty, tough and forgiving cruiser. If you are hard on your equipment or have rough put-in’s and exits to the water, this is the board for you.


Height: 11’6″
Width: 31″
Thickness: 7 3/16″
Volume: 262 L
Fins Set: Single
MSRP: $1,399

Size and Ability

Novice: up to 190lbs
Intermediate: up to 215lbs
Advanced: Up to 265lbs



The Boardworks Riptide made with our exclusive Bombshell construction is a great “do it all” paddle board designed for the budget minded paddler. This board can take a beating and is stable enough to accommodate all sizes of paddlers and pets.

Made with the industry’s strongest construction, the Riptide comes in two sizes – 10’ 6”for smaller, lighter paddlers and an 11’ 6” for taller and heavier paddlers. The Riptide creates a stable, forgiving platform – giving you confidence that your paddle time will be spent on top of and not in the water. The Riptide is our most cost effective, stable, and durable board. Fun for you and versatile enough to get the entire family enjoying hours of time on the water.


Height: 10’6″
Width: 33″
Thickness: 4.75″
Volume: 224 L
Fins Set: Single
MSRP: $949


Height: 11’6″
Width: 34″
Thickness: 4.5″
Volume: 236 L
Fins Set: Single
MSRP: $999

Size and Ability

Novice: up to 225lbs
Intermediate: up to 250lbs
Advanced: Up to 275lbs

Shubu Lunr

SHUBU Lunr 10’4- Inflatable paddleboard

Regular price: $429

The SHUBU Lūnr is our brand-new entry-level inflatable recreational package designed to get you on the water fast and affordably. A lightweight, versatile board that loves to travel, the SHUBU Lūnr comes with our ultra-comfortable Honey Fomb heat embossed deck pad and neoprene carry handles for easy transport to and from the water. A single 9-inch standard SUP fin installs with an easy-to-use thumbscrew – no tools required.


Length: 124 in – 314.96 cm
Thickness: 6 in – 15.24 cm
Width: 32 in – 81.28 cm
Weight: 18 lb.
Fin set: SINGLE
Fin included: 9” Dolphin
Construction: SLMD Construction
Novice MAX.: 210 LBS.
Intermediate MAX.: 230 LBS.

Advanced MAX.: 260 LBS.


The perfect introductory package for adults, new to SUP, that want a soft and gentle entry into the sport. The light yet durable SDX construction includes a solid laminated EPS core wrapped in a soft outer skin. Giving the rider that stiff yet friendly feeling. This soft top foam board has plenty of width and stability for a confidence building day of fun on the water. This package includes a fin and adjustable aluminum/plastic paddle to get you on the water quickly and inexpensively.


Height: 9’0″
Width: 29 5/8″
Thickness: 4 7/16″
Volume: 147 L
Fin Set: Single
MSRP: $550

Size and Ability

Novice: up to 145lbs
Intermediate: up to 170lbs
Advanced: Up to 200lbs

Boardworks Shuffle

Rogue Shuffle

Smooth, stable and agile, this is a performance board for novice to intermediate surfers. With additional volume and width, this board invites surfers to hone their skills and build confidence. Available in a range of sizes, the Shuffle’s forgiving shape makes it a great all-around board for various surf conditions


Height: 9’4″
Width: 31″
Thickness: 4 3/16″
Volume: 143 L
Fin Set: 4 + 1 Futures
MSRP: $1,450

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Whether you’re catching small to medium ocean waves or just cruising around your local waterways,
the Kraken is an excellent option for all-around water activities. With our enhanced hand finished epoxy sandwich bamboo construction, the Kraken comes in Kraken comes in 11′.

The board is set up with a single, tri-fin or quad-fin option, allowing the rider a choice between a center only fin for cruising or adding side bite fins to enhance the surfing experience. When waves and short distance paddles are your preferred choice of recreation, the Boardworks Kraken is the answer.


Length: 11’0″
Width: 32″
Thickness: 4 1/2″4 3/4″4 3/4″
Volume: 199 L.
Fin Set: 5 FIN5 FIN2+1
Construction: EPX-V
Price: $1,539
Special Order

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Versa – All-Around SUP

Regular Price: $1,249

Don’t let the Versa’s beauty fool you – beneath the bamboo grain print is a great all-around touring paddleboard constructed with bombshell technology in a compact and manageable package. As if looks and strength weren’t enough, the Versa is super stable. Its keeled nose cuts smoothly through the chop while the flat sections under the tail and standing area help with a fluid and stable ride. With the performance of an all-around SUP board, the Versa’s unique displacement hull provides the added effortless glide of a touring board without the extra length. Perfect for those early morning or afternoon paddle with friends around the lake.

SIZE: 10’6″ x 32″

COLOR: Bamboo/Blue/Lime


Length 10’6″
Width 32″
Thickness 5 3/16″
Volume 234 L.
Construction BMB-V

Size and Availability

Novice MAX. 235 LBS.
Intermediate MAX. 265 LBS.

Blue board


The Boardworks Muse is a beautiful and stable shape which offers a wide range of uses from coastal cruising to Yoga.

Designed to work equally well for beginners and intermediate paddlers who just want to get on the water and have fun. At 32” wide the Muse creates a stable platform giving you confidence that your paddle time will be spent on top of and not in the water. Storage options on the forward deck consist of two anchor points that allow for bungee or deck tie-downs for items like mask & snorkel or dry bag.

Our ultra-comfortable Honey Fomb heat embossed deck pad offers the highest level of traction without the usual water retention of brushed open foam traction pads. The perfect option for exploring your local waterways, yoga or paddle workouts.


Height: 10’6″
Width: 32″
Thickness: 4 1/4″
Volume: 183 L
Fin Set: Single
MSRP: $1099

Size and Ability

Novice: up to 185lbs
Intermediate: up to 205lbs
Advanced: Up to 235lbs