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SUP Fins

thermotech f2 fin

Future Fins | Thermotech F2 Surf Style

Thermotech fins do not have the traditional plastic feel of a composite fin. Instead they have a consistent flex that creates drive and release through turns. Thermotech fins come with the Futures Truss Base, making them lighter and stronger.


Side Fins:
Area: 12.56
Height: 4.15
Base: 3.97
Foil: FLAT

Center Fins:
Area: 12.56
Height: 4.15
Base: 3.97
Foil: SYMM

Our Price: $18

bishop hatchet center fin

Bishop Fins | Hatchet Center Fin

Your fins are one of the only things you can change about your board’s performance, take advantage of it.

Our bamboo core center fins fit standard US fin boxes.

A shallower fin works well in flat water. The better your forward stroke is, the smaller the fin you can use with the added benefit of less drag.

For a single fin setup, in the surf, you generally want 1″ of fin height for each foot of board length. You would reduce the length if you use side bites in a 3 or 5 fin setup.


6″ – 22 square inches, 5″ base

7 3/4″ – 28 square inches, 4 3/4″ base

8 3/4″ – 37 square inches, 6 1/2″ base

Our Price: $79

izzi gomez fin

FCS Fins | Izzi Gomez SURFSUP 4 + 1 Signature Fin

Izzi Gomez, (17 years old) has come of age during the era of stand up paddle boarding’s entry into the surfing world, mixing Surfing and SUP has been a natural thing for Izzi since a very young age. Izzi’s insane ride has already taken her to the top, winning world titles as a teenager. Izzi continues to inspire and take women’s Surf SUP and paddle boarding to the next level.

Izzi’s signature 5 Fin set allows girls to get a feel of what she likes to ride. These fins are Fast, Super responsive with plenty of Drive. The Dimples add a smooth flowing feel through out turns. Ride as a thruster, quad, or what ever the conditions call for.


Fibreglass/Hexcore Construction (Futures and FCS twin tab compatible).

Surfer Size: 55kg- 75kg

Front Side fins: Height: 4.56″(116.00mm) Base: 4.34″ (110.23mm) Rake: 32 degrees

Rear Side fins: Height: 4.42″ (112.27mm) Base: 4.29″(108.97mm) Rake: 32.4 degrees.

Center Fin: Height: 4.5″

Best Board: High performance SURF SUP, Modern longboards, Surfboard.

Best Waves: Amazing all rounder can be ridden in small to Large.

Our Price: $130

Jamie Mitchell fin

Future Fins | The Jamie Mitchell, Carbon

The Jamie Mitchell 9.25″ SUP fin is built for versatility. When racing in and out of the surf zone and turning buoys, you need a lot of things out of your fin:

A fin that can keep your board stable, A balanced fin that helps maximize the amount of strokes you can do on each side with changing, A fin that allows you to be able to step back and turn the board quickly while remaining stable.



Our Price: $110

FCS II Dolphin touring

FCS II SUP Dolphin Touring Fin

  • Dual-purpose race and surf fin
  • Streamlined design for increased maneuverability
  • 50/50 foil: Symmetric foil used on all center fins where both sides are convex; even water flow on both sides creates stability and control
  • Seamless leading edge to quickly shed weeds
  • Responsive glass flex construction
  • Subtle fin flex engages with minimal effort and as it returns to neutral it creates a whiplike effect, propelling the board forward while maintaining speed and acceleration



Our Price: $32

FCS II Connect SUP 9.0

FCS II SUP Connect

  • Designed to be used in existing FCS center fin boxes, no new box required; 2 + 1 compatible
  • Neutral, well balanced template
  • Responsive glass flex construction
  • 50/50 foil



Our Price: $27