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Bishop Boards

bishop board manta

Manta StrongSUP

The Manta is your best option for durability, light weight, and value

  • Designed for paddlers up to 305 lbs.
  • Exceptional rigidity for an efficient paddle, No bouncing!
  • Super stable and predictable
  • Perfect to bring your gear, child, or pet.
  • Extra deep, offset carry handle for comfort.
  • Perfect paddle board for fishing up and yoga sup

Dimensions: 10’6″ x 34″ x 5″

Weight: 32 lbs

Additional Information

Uses: Ideal for recreational, fishing, yoga, whitewater, light surf

Material: StrongSUP. Built from a recycle ABS & polycarbonate laminate designed to be durable and lightweight.

The Manta includes: multiple tie down points that accept Yak Attack rails, leash plug adaptors, and mounts as well as our fishing rig dry box/coolers.

Our Price: $1,099

bishop board luna


The Luna is one of our most versatile boards. It is a great all around board from backwater to the surf.

Solo on the flatwater the Luna carries up to 220 pounds and has a nice glide. Perfect for a day on the water paddling for fun, exercise, fishing or anything else you can dream up. It is approximately 157 liters. Comparing boards on volume it liters is the roughest of estimates. Volume distribution and shape are much more important.

The Luna works great in 1-6 foot surf. The multiple fin options allows you to tailor it to the conditions


Dimensions: 10’6″ x 31″
Weight: 27lb
Material: Bamboo / Solid color rail

Additional Information

Uses: Ideal for race / touring / fishing / all around recreation

Our Price: $1,479

Dinka board


Paddle enough and you’ll find that most conditions are less than ideal. You need a board that can handle adversity, and that’s what the Dinka does. Blending continuous rocker with progressive rail profiles keeps it lively. Unique bottom and rail contours help you make the most of your sessions. Steps in the rail present a narrower profile to the wave face for hold and sharper turns. The bottom of the rails near the nose have chines that drive the board up when paddling forward and give stability. Single concave in the nose transitioning to double concaves in the tail. Includes 5 fins.


Dimensions: 8’11” x 28 3/4 x 4 1/4
Material: Epoxy resin

Additional Information

Uses: High performance SUP Surf board

Our Price: $1,199

Bishop Boards Honu


The Honu is a one foot longer version of our best selling board, The Luna. We kept the width the same, larger paddlers need speed and glide too! It gives you the extra space and capacity to bring along more gear, kids or pets.

All the lines on the Honu blend together to give you the best performance. The thinner nose and tail sections reduce swing weight in the turns & prevent nose chop to keep you going as quietly and efficiently as possible. If you take it out for a surf, you will appreciate the narrow tail and 60/40 rails.

The weight capacity of the Honu is approximately 240 lbs. Larger paddlers love it in the surf. Medium to smaller paddlers will have great glide on flat water. It works great for paddling tandem with smaller kids.

It is approximately 180 liters. Comparing boards on volume in liters is the roughest of estimates. Volume distribution and shape are much more important.


Dimensions: 11’ 6” x 31” x 4.5”
Weight: 30 lbs
Material: Bamboo / Solid color rail

Additional Information

Uses: Ideal for race / touring / fishing/ all around recreation

Our Price: $1,529

A'U Bishop Boards

A’u 12’6

  • You’ve just found the future of touring paddle boards!
  • With a clean nose entry and tail exit, the A’u glides through the water, maintaining speed even when you are between strokes
  • The progressive secondary stability increases muscle memory, allows your legs to relax, and prevent fatigue
  • The deck is low, allowing wind to slip over and lessens drift form your intended course.
  • You need to paddle it and feel the difference.

Dimensions: 12’6″ x 32″ x 6″
Weight: 32 lbs
Material: Fiberglass / Bamboo / Solid color rail

Additional Information

Uses: Ideal for race / touring / fishing/

Our Price: $1,749-$2200

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Big Fish

The Big Fish is the sweet spot for size, use, and value. It is the perfect length for paddlers of all sizes to carry and paddle. Easy to store, load, and carry on your vehicle.

The flat deck is great for Yoga, and is very comfortable to stand on. The extended deck pad is perfect for your poses, your kids, or pets.

It has a thin nose and tall sections to glide through the water with minimal chop. The constant rocker and bottom concave make it a


Dimensions: 10’x33”- Paddlers up to 275 lbs

Material: Epoxy/Fiberglass- 31 lbs

Additional Information

Uses: Ideal for yoga, recreation, fishing

Price: $1,250

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Bigger Fish

The Bigger Fish is a one foot longer version of our Big Fish SUP, for extra capacity, glide, and speed.

It has the same flat deck and extended deck pad for comfort. The specific rocker design allows a shorter waterline with lighter paddlers for easy maneuverability. Heavier paddlers engage a longer waterline for more stability and tracking.


Dimensions: 11’6 x 33”- paddlers over 275 lbs.

Material: Epoxy/Fiberglass- 31 lbs.

Additional Information

Uses: Ideal for yoga, recreation, fishing

Price: $1,299

a person holding a surf board


The Drifter is equally at home on the flat with a smaller paddler or in the surf. The drifter was originally designed as a performance surf sup with the capacity to reach offshore or remote breaks. At 9’6 long, it has the glide needed to go the distance. The drawn in those with low swing weight is easy on the turns and the diamond Theo keeps it all steady. It’s link also allows for a wider range of paddlers while it’s 30’ width keeps it lively. The narrow width and very manageable size is the perfect size all around board for paddlers under 130 pounds pounds.


Dimensions: 9’6 x30”

Material: Real Bamboo/ Solid color rail

Additional Information

Uses: Ideal for surfing and touring

Price: $1,399

a body of water


If you want to make the most of your surf sup days on the water, our alpha 9’0 is the board for you. Predictable and less than perfect conditions, the drive you need to get you in the wave early and maintain speed. The Vector rail let you throw it out when you’re ready.

It is comfortable with 1 foot on the nose to make those drops on days with offshore winds. The perfect blend of volume and maneuverability. Tight turns, big hacks and airs are all within reach.


Dimensions: 9’0 x 28 ¾ x 41/4

Material:Epoxy Glass/Solid color rail

Additional Information

Price: $1,199

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An amazing new way to paddle, finless. Bishop Boards reinvented the paddleboard with the grouper TriSUP.. The trimaran like hull gives you superior tracking and stability. Two recessed fin boxes allow you to add tandem fins if you want even more tracking, which is unlikely. Multiple tiedown points that accept Yak attack rails, leash plug adapters, and mounts as well as our fishing rig, or dry box and coolers.

The group or TriSup, a refined solution to fishing without fins.

Designed for up to 325 lbs.

Large, flat flat deck space.

Super stable and predictable.

Perfect to bring all your gear or maybe a child or a pet.

Multiple tie down attachment points.

Anchor attachment point under nose.

Perfect paddleboard for fishing.


Dimensions: 11’8 x34”

Material: Vacuum composite, real wood stringer

Additional Information

Price: $1,850