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Morning Kayak Tour

Quick Details

Carolina Single Sit In Kayaks 1 person max size 6'2" and/or 225lbs Age 13+
Pescador Single Sit On Top Kayaks 1 person max size 6'6" and/or 375lbs Age 13+
Cove Tandem Sit In Kayaks 2 Seats Sit in double kayak Price for 2 people
Cove Tandem Sit In Kayaks if 1 participant is under 12 for 2 people

This tour is for all the early birds!

Start your day in the most tranquil way possible with our morning kayak tour in Charleston. The calm wind and still water create a serene environment, perfect for a morning paddle. Join us as we navigate through the marsh, witnessing the river come to life. Dolphins, birds, and other wildlife are particularly active during this time, their movements adding a touch of excitement to the peaceful morning. Watch dolphins playfully leap from the water, birds take flight, and other creatures begin their morning routines.