Boardworks Raven 12'6" & 10'6"

The award winning Raven has been Boardworks most popular model for many reasons. Designed for glide and stability in flat or choppy water, it is the perfect all purpose board for lakes, bays, harbors, and deep docile rivers. Ideal for touring, fitness, and recreational racing. The Raven features beautiful bamboo veneer and Northwest Native American inspired graphics. It comes with a LiftSUP handle for easy portage and tie downs for bringing gear.


A sandwich molded standup paddle board that is light, tight, and very durable. Each Boardworks TEC-V board consists of a dual-density core, (EPS bonded to a veneer outer shell), fiberglass, and the finest epoxy resins. Our construction process results in SUPs with amazing strength to weight ratio. Our boards have a "feel" in the water that paddlers of all abilities will appreciate.


Height: 12'6"

Nose: 13 9/16"

Width: 30 3/16"

Tail: 15 5/8"

Thickness: 6 15/16"

Fins Included: Single Fin

Litres: 290


Height: 10'6"

Nose: 14 3/4"

Width: 29 3/16"

Tail: 16 9/16"

Thickness: 6 15/16"

Fins Included: Single Fin

Litres: 250

MSRP: 12'6" - $1,550   -  10'6" - $1,400

Boardworks Joyride 10'11"

Joyrides are full soft deck boards designed with stability and fun in mind. At 34", 33" and 32" wide, with flat rockers and thick foils, these boards are sure to please the paddler looking for a stable platform, perfect for beginners transitioning through to intermediate levels. The Joyrides are also shorter respectively, making it easy to maneuver, transport, and store. Taking your kids and pets on the water or trying SUP yoga. This is the SUP for you. Be it on a lake, river, or in the ocean, these boards will to put the Joy in your Ride!


Joyrides are constructed with a smooth and durable EPX bottom and rails, and croc skin EVA foam deck. The EVA foam layer provides a comfortable and safe ride while the hard, EPX bottom and rails allow for fast smooth paddling.


Height: 10'11"

Nose: 25 3/8"

Width: 34"

Tail: 22 5/8"

Thickness: 5 1/8"

Fins Included: 8" + FCS

Size and Ability

Novice: up to 245lbs

Intermediate: up to 270lbs

Advanced: Up to 300lbs


Liters: 249

MSRP: $1,300

Jetty -  11'

The Jetty is the perfect starter package at an affordable price. The Jetty board features a soft high-density foam deck and rails for comfort and safety, durable and bright heat laminated graphics, and a slick hard bottom for a smooth glide. Secure extra gear while on the water with a thoughtful bungee tie-down system, and easily carry the board to and from the water with a built in LIFTSUP handle.

The 11' Jetty is perfect for the whole family, and the package includes the SUP board, and an adjustable aluminum shaft paddle, leash, and durable yet soft fin.

Available in Blue.


Height: 11'

Width: 32"

Thickness: 4.75"

Fins Included: 9" single


Size and Ability

Novice: up to 235lbs

Intermediate: up to 245lbs

Advanced: Up to 275lbs

Liters: 214

MSRP: $600 package price (SUP, paddle, Leash, Fin)

MINI MOD - 9'1"

Mini Mods are designed to be performance surf SUPs but are also a good choice for smaller paddlers looking for a light-weight recreational paddleboard with ample stability. What makes the Mini Mod unique is that it is thinner than most boards on the market which allows the surfer to easily set the rail in bottom and top turns. The board sits lower in the water which allows for less "bobbing" from rail to rail. It has a wide tail which also adds to the stability. The Mini Mod was designed to excel in playful sized surf much like many of the popular alternative surfboards on the market today. grade paint and polish coat, with a gloss finish.


Constructed of single density stringerless hand shaped EPS cores with epoxy resin laminations and painted with superior automotive grade paint and polish coat, with a gloss finish.


Height: 9'1"

Nose: 19 9/16"

Width: 29.5"

Tail: 20"

Thickness: 3.5"

Fins Included: 2+1

Litres: 121

MSRP: $700 On Sale


The Carver is a performance board made for bigger guys who are experienced SUP surfers looking to "step down" in size/length and step up their performance.


We thin the foil overall to maintain a thin nose and tail. The outline enables both nose riding and performance off the tail. This performance outline is fuller than the CarverTL for stability.


The bottom has a flat "speed" section between the feet which rolls into Vee positioned in the sweet spot of the rocker which gives the Carver it's magic ride


Height: 9'11"

Nose: 19"

Width: 29 1/2"

Tail: 16 3/4"

Thickness: 4"

Fins Included: 2+1

MSRP: 9'10" - $1400


The Rusty is designed to surf.


All feature similar bottom contours: Slight release in nose, Flat entry, Light concave in center, A slight double barrel vee coming into the fins, Flat off the back. All boards feature a tight bottom radius on the rails. This contributes to stability and helps to get the board up and planning more efficiently.


This is a proven, go-to, bottom design for surfboards that has stood the test of time for decades. It generates a lot of speed yet enables the rider to make smooth, controlled, rail-to-rail transitions with minimal effort.


Height: 10'4"

Nose: 19 5/16"

Width: 30"

Tail: 19"

Thickness: 4 5/16"

Fins Included: 2+1

Litres: 185

MSRP: 10'4" - $1500


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